Come join us on the opening night of WATCH DOCS on December 7 and immerse yourself in stories that have captured media audiences around the world. Interactive screenings – organised also on the following day, December 8 – will allow introduce you to the future of documentary genre.

Viewers will experience how interactive film or virtual reality (VR) can be used to present challenges facing the world today.

Digital media brought about a new form of story participation. VR goggles are referred to as “empathy machines” – but is it really the case?

The two evenings will be attended by creators from Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Canada and Poland, who tackle contemporary conflicts using Snapchat, smartphones and documentary games. Through the use of interactive media they present a day in the life of a refugee camp resident and resurrect Aleppo in virtual reality. Even though these stories are created with the intent of a single viewer accessing them through a smartphone or laptop, during the two festival evenings they will become a collective experience and watched on the big screen.

Screenings are held as part of DIGITAL STORIES LAB - MEDIA & DEMOCRACY—a series of international workshops and lectures that examine new uses of technology and audiovisual tools to tell stories about the challenges facing the world today.


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Organizers: Fundacja Pełne Zanurzenie (Total Immersion Foundation) / Udyssey Creative Technologies




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