The Review of Legal Cinema – Lawyer in the Spotlight, organized by the Polish Bar Council, has already become a perennial cultural event. This year's sixth edition is going to be unique, however, as audiences will have an opportunity to see the work of attorneys in a number of important and interesting documentaries. The Polish Bar Council has teamed up with a festival that has been promoting good documentary films on human rights for 17 years.

This year's review, Lawyer in the Spotlight, includes six very diverse films, from the atypical courtroom drama "12 Days" by the legendary Raymond Depardon, in which we get a close-up look at oversight procedures related to the legality of involuntary psychiatric hospitalization, to "Gideon's Army," which shows the enormous challenges that public defenders in the United States are up against. We also get another view, this time from the very top of the American legal hierarchy, in the portrait of Kenneth Feinberg, a lawyer whose name has appeared in every major compensation case in recent US history ("Playing God"). In Eytan Harris's film ("Truth, Nothing But…"), in turn, a famous Israeli lawyer defends a Palestinian actor and filmmaker in a defamation trial brought by Israeli soldiers. What's even more interesting is that the defamation supposedly took place in one of the most famous documentary films about the Second Intifada. Some of the world's leading human rights lawyers can be seen in Sara Afshar's harrowing film "Syria’s Disappeared: The Case Against Assad," as they gather evidence against the Syrian dictator for a future trial in The Hague. Finally, the review also includes a documentary thriller about Iceland's most famous murder case, which will leave everyone convinced that it's really worth having a good lawyer.        




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